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09-20-2012, 05:15 PM
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Originally Posted by CornKicker View Post
in most leagues you only get 3-5 mins for a warm up, i usually come on the ice drop off my extra stick and then do a few quick laps at about 75-80% speed. it gets your heart rate pumping. then i like to shoot/blast a few pucks before the goalie is in the net. do a quick stretch (groins, hamstrings, quads are most important) . then i usually skip the semi circle shooting on the goalie and focus on stickhandliing an passing to my self on the boards in the nuetral zone.

everyone has their own routine but i find this works for me.
Yeah the issue for me wasn't so much the time (4 was plenty). I just skated around for 90 seconds to loosen my legs and find my edges. After that i found myself watching to see what everyone else was doing. By the time I made a decision and took one shot, it was time to go. Now I have an idea of how I want to go about my warm up.

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