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09-20-2012, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Maccas View Post
It wasn't today but a couple of days ago I got an assist which was by far my best moment playing hockey so far.
We had been struggling to score on the goalie we were against (we aren't a high level at all) and I was getting more than a bit frustrated. I managed to find a little bit of space in the neutral zone so decided to try and take it in myself, I moved across the blue line and managed to blow past one D-man (who was a much better skater than me) I looked to bring it across and take a shot at goal but for some reason the inner Henrik Sedin in me took over and I decided to skate it wide. I looked across and didn't have many options but attempted to make a saucer pass across the crease. It sailed up into the air, over the pad of the goalie (Who was just dropping to Butterfly expecting me to shoot) and perfectly onto the stick of my team-mate. They slotted it in to the empty net with ease.
To be honest I am much more proud of this assist than any goal I've scored or pretty much anything I've done in hockey so far. It felt so good!
I don't know why but sometimes when I make a beauty pass it feels better than scoring some garbage goal. Im different though, I feel more satisfied sniping on a goalie than deking a tender out.

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