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09-20-2012, 08:33 PM
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Originally Posted by craigcaulks View Post
I bet some tourists from NY will be just fine on the bus on Hastings.

There is NOTHING scary about the DTES. But the Penthouse would work too.
Originally Posted by Islespuck89 View Post
Thanks for the info, we will drive to giants game. We have 2 rental cars and 2 sober people for game. They need to be sober if they start drinking to early it always turns out bad!.
Originally Posted by Islespuck89 View Post
We are from NYC area so we are used to public transportation, nonsense and some seedy neighborhoods.
Oh, I'm sure Vancouver's nothing compared to some of the places in NYC. It's very safe in terms of violent crime; much more so than American cities its size. It's unlikely you'd run into serious trouble especially if there's a bunch of you, but still, I'm sure you can think of things you'd rather do on your vacation than step over pools of probably contaminated bodily fluids and used needles or get hassled by grime-covered $5 crack hoes. That's Main and Hastings, especially weekend nights. If I were you, the thing I'd be really worried about is having the cars broken into should you disregard my advice and head down to the No. 5. Sure, it's just a rental so who gives a ****, but it's still a hassle. Vancouver is very safe for violent crime, but it's among the worst on the continent for property crime and break-ins, largely due to its appalling drug problem.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you leave ANY of your valuables in the car if you're parking it on the street in downtown Vancouver.

I really can't tell you much about the Penthouse vs Brandi's; it's been so long since I was up on that stuff, I didn't even know they charged cover these days. $100 a table...? Geez...

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