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Originally Posted by MagicSlap View Post
I live near where 75 and 285 intersect so yeah by Vinings kinda. There's not much around here. I've gone out to eat once at Canoe (Vinings Jubilee area) and it was okay but I have been to way better places in Atlanta. It's just close to work so that's why I chose it, I'm only here until January anyway. But yeah, suggestions anywhere would be good.
Well, if you want a good sports bar with a ton of TVs, pretty good food, and decently priced beer... Head towards Hudson's Grill. It's about 10 minutes from 285/75,

Our go to spot use to be Firebird Rotisserie... but they're now a UT bar, so I'd only go their for NFL games. It's smaller, food is OK, but it's just a really cool set up. Nice thing is they put up sheets under each TV that shows which game will be on from open to close. They're also one of the few bars that have the NHL package, not that it matters at this point. Their patio is also awesome, that is usually enclosed and has a massive brick fireplace. They also have bags and beerpong set up most nights, or flippy cup.

Firkin and Gryphon also is a decent spot. Cheap drinks for the area, great food if you order right, and lots of TVs also. If you're into the UFC stuff, they buy most PPV fights and don't charge a cover fee... at least I'm pretty sure they buy most, don't follow it myself, just know they often advertise they aren't charging a cover fee.

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