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09-20-2012, 10:09 PM
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Anybody else get the feeling that this lockout might be more like the early 90's one more than the last one? I just get this feeling that games will be missed but ultimately something like the NBA schedule from this past season will be what we see.
I think you can put good money on that.

As much as both sides are trying to act unified, there doesn't seem to be an appetite for a prolonged lockout. Both sides sure are threatening it, but the players will probably be OK as long as they get a deal that doesn't hurt their contracts this season too much. Something like a gradually decreasing setup starting at 56% next year. As much as they want no linkage, I think they know they will have to give up on the idea of a flat dollar amount untied to revenue.

Meanwhile the owners don't seem 100% unified, and Bettman's crew will probably feel some pressure when games start getting cancelled. Hell even Moulson, owner of one of the richest clubs in the NHL, has said he doesn't want to lose hockey.

As much as I'm craving hockey so badly right now, I'd be ok with a mid November start if need be. Roy rehabs well for the Stars, and Gaborik is near back for the Rangers. Less games also theoretically benefits both my teams as well (less games for the old guys in the Stars to wear down from, and less games for the Rangers shot blocking style to take its toll).

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