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09-20-2012, 10:33 PM
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I hate how we spend so much time on here thinking of ways to generate more $ and make them more profitable. Fact is that this league brought in $3.3 B last year. That is more than enough to run and sustain a professional sports league. If you're having problems with that then either you need to cut down on costs or fix the problem (aka the ones not bringing in much revenue and losing $).

The $ could have been $4 B which is certainly profitable and we'd still have these CBA arguments. Other problem is that owners now want "profit certainty" for 30 teams! What kind of a business model is are you going to guarantee 30 teams be profitable? It'd be like 30 companies forming some organization and treating their employees on the premise that all of them MUST be profitable despite half the companies being ****.

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