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09-21-2012, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by KingLB View Post
I'd like to add on to this.

A. What Chazz said.
B. The Kings do not own all the parking lots.
C. Kings do not get all the revenue from playoff games, infact I think playoff revenues are what fund revenue sharing.
D. Players get a playoffs share on top of regular salary.
E. You still have expenses during playoffs its not all straight revenues.
F. Merch not bought at team LA is shared throughout the league.
G. Parades cost money
This had to kill them this year... When I flew out for the Finals my intention was to bring my Simmonds jersey to wear to a game and then pick up a white jersey for the second game. I get there and there is no Kopitar, no Brown, no Quick, no Richards, no Doughty, no Carter... The only jerseys they had were Williams and Gagne and I wasn't buying either of those. I was shocked at how terrible the selection was and how they could not have any of the other players. I know at Excel here in town you can walk in and they have about 30 jerseys for ever player on the team in any style and discouted older player jerseys. I understand there are 3 teams they have to cater to at Staples but man they had to be losing big time money not having anything in stock.

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