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09-21-2012, 04:21 AM
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Originally Posted by windycity View Post
Professional services firms (law, accounting recruiters, banking) typically pay between 50-70% of revenues out in the form of compensation and benefits. Not quite the same paradigm because often a lot of the employees are also owners (e.g., partners).
As you pointed out, it's not the same. The "partners" are the "owners", and still would make more than the clerks, secretaries, etc... Most business operate with an "overhead" that includes anything and everything to make it run. Can be low or high, but individual employees still make less than owners, even if the overhead exceeds 50% and the sum of monies going out is greater than an owner might be compensated.

The only instance I can think of perhaps might be if a junior law partner won a huge settlement and receive a bonus that put him above the pay of a full partner. I'm not a lawyer, and it seems that scenario could be possible as a rare exception, but my guess is that the firm still would distribute an even greater chunk to all full partners.

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