Thread: Confirmed with Link: Brandon Prust to Montreal [4 years, $10M]
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09-21-2012, 04:36 AM
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I got no problem trying Prust on the 2nd wave PP , he played it before in jr and ahl, he had 5 pp goal in not a new thing.Who knows how it might click or might not in Montreal, until ya try it .
Sorrta like how until the Cole DD and Pacman line was formed ....who knew.
Or how JM thought Darche was better option than Cole on the eh JM?
I guess Cole was a pretty solid pp guy after

It is something that will either work or not ,and you will know it.He got so many other intangibles so whatever works will work , and he's a big asset no matter what (Pk ,driving the net ,and keeping them honest,and a hard worker every night ).

He goes out front of the net on PP(net crash), i can't see a problem .

The guy got some skills(Prust) , i mean 7 short handed goals in last 2 seasons.
To put some perspective on it , Plekanec has 4 in last 2 seasons
Pacioretty has zero in 202 career games .
Eric Cole has 8 total in 702 reg season games.

Again a guy like Prust who is goona lay it on the line for ya night in night out, ya i give this guy extra just because .
He feels he got more to prove, so give him the chance .

We're coming out of last spot here too,there not going for cup this year,if we get any season at all.
Unless there's a big surprise run,which to many is hard to see it ,but i guess that's why ya play the games.
Just don't know how many teams went from worst, to cup the next year...,odds can't be good

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