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Originally Posted by thefeebster View Post
I don't trust them, simply put. What separates him from an avid HF poster? Take a read at his methods. The reports are based seeing "most of the prospects at least once", through video scouting, and the significant portion is based on "talking to scouts and NHL execs". Who are these people he is talking to? How can he have watched each of the prospects for every team in the league when some of the leagues don't even have video (prep, HS)? How can he legitimately judge a prospect, well 100s in this case, on one viewing and hearsay?

I think he joins his criteria to those of NHL scouts/execs. And where their are similarities between prospect evaluations, he uses his own methodology to pick one over the other. For instance, CP values puck skills and puck protection. Two things DET is known to draft in their prospects. So if Jensen and say Jurco rank similarly among scouts, CP will obviously weight puck skills/stickhandling to differentiate between the two. Hence, Jurco is much higher on the list.

The point about watching prospects is sound. In this case, I think CP just defers to the scout, more of than not.

Then he claims he uses advanced stats to back up his assessments. How does he derive Corsi/Fenwick for junior leagues that don't track that or its derivative stats? These are amongst the several questions i wonder when i read these lists and rankings. At least you know Craig Button has seen guys, been at the rinks and will rank guys he's seen. At least you know Bobby Mac is just going by rankings submitted by NHL scouts, rather than inputting his judgement into it. For this guy, I'm just not sure.

Very fair points all.

Let's take a look at the Canucks list. You say he emphasizes puck skills and a lot of people have mentioned that on the main boards too. Then how is Gaunce #2? Fair is fair, Gaunce is not a slick stick handler and he even notes that in "The Bad". So then why is Rodin ranked below him? Rodin is sublime with the puck at times, has the puck on a string and could probably stickhandle in a box around Gaunce. Thus, I continue to be befuddled with just how he ranks these players.

Also my thinking. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm surprised Schroeder doesn't get more love from CP... The two things he is banking on is pure skill and hockey IQ. Without those traits, there's no way he gets taken in the 1st round. What's especially puzzling is that you have a guy like Grimaldi, who is even shorter, who also relies on his skill and smarts, ranked 36...?? It ceases to make sense at that point.

Based on CP's criteria, guys like Schroeder and Rodin should be overvalued. With guys like Gaunce being undervalued. But you are right when you say that this doesn't happen. So you have to wonder...

In the past, I've always liked that I could go to CP's site and at least get a snapshot of perhaps the most skilled prospects around the league. That seems less and less the case these days.

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