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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
As much as I hate Tambijevs (only as a coach), give him a break, it's no about winning at this stage. No one at the end of current kids career will remember because they went "deep in the MHL playoffs that year", right? I'd take losses in all 50+ games if only I could ensure that one more extra kid becomes a really good player for us in the future. Just like majority of regulars on SC, I'd of course would prefer Belavskis, but when given talant (like U18 WC) Tambijevs delivers, so I'm not sure he for sure is destroying something at HK Riga currently. That said I wouldn't be said if he was given a license to walk. And the job given to someone with a little bit of experience in any coaching.

As for Justinov's idea of keeping Dinamo foreigners here and morphing them into coaches, it's basically a pipe dream. Not every great player can become a great coach. Still Latvia is no Denmark, I can't remember one foreigner in any sports who after retiring stayed here. Maybe if Hartigan was kept for some years, it could of happened, but currently? I don't think so. (DR should go after Schastlivy , him maybe we could keep here for obvious reasons)
Yeah Denmark has the advantage if being a good country to settle, marry and have kids. But a foreign player that gets married with a latvian might have the idea to settle. The reason it hasn't happened in the past, doesn't necessarily mean it wont happen in the future. Off course living standards means a lot, but Latvia should hopefully become more and more like other nordic countries with time. I dont think its totally impossible for a danish, norwegian, swedish or finnish sportsstar to settle and become a coach.
Off course you are right that not all players can become good coaches, but the more players that settle, the more chance that some good coaches will be able to give new ideas and positively affect youth training. Denmark have had canadians, americans, russians, latvian, finnish and swedish players where some stayed after career. Also some coaches might be good for U18 elite training and some will be good for very young U13 players to develope.
NB: Tambijevs is an ex-danish league player (player of the year 1995-96), but he didn't stay in Denmark though.

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