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09-21-2012, 09:25 AM
Morris Wanchuk
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Originally Posted by Roll 4 Lines View Post
Not a fan of Toucher and Rich in the first place, cuz they think they're funny, but they're not, but I go there from time to time in case they do actually talk sports, which is rare.

This morning was the worst radio I've ever heard. I listened for about 20 seconds and changed it. They were bawling out an intern....riveting!

Went back 15 minutes later, cuz everyone else was on ads, and they were talking about bawling out the intern...worst radio ever!!

A guy I talk sports with at work said, "Do you ever listen to T&R?. I listened this morning for the first time and still can't figure out why!"

He said, and I quote, "Worst. Radio. Ever!"

I do wonder how they have a show.

Listened to a lot of NPR this morning! LOL
I can't listen to those clowns anymore.

I tuned in at 6:30 and Fred was talking about him an his wife's scheduled afternoon trip to the "bone zone".

FML with that garbage. Then i went back to the rotation of WKLB, WRKO, and NPR to see if anyone was talking about the Senate debate. Heard some good lines from Scott.

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