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Originally Posted by Mike8 View Post
No offense, waffledave, but don't you work in accounting or money management of some kind? While you're correct in factoring in taxes and all other expenses, you seem to (wilfully?) neglect mentioning investments. We don't even need to be talking $15m in the bank here (which you probably accurately guess is the higher end NHL players who have that much in the bank) ... let's talk $3m. That's an amount that the average NHLer can store away in the bank. And that amount would be sufficient to pull out $135k a year without touching the $3m itself through investments (assuming an average dividend yield of 4.5%). $135k a year as a base salary when the NHLer could become a high school junior coach, college coach, or any other simple job with an average salary is pretty decent. After all, if the player in question wishes to make more, he's got enough base salary per year to support his family well, and go to university.
No safe investment returns more than 1% these days. You can thank the US FED for that .

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