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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
It's the great old coach dilemma. Whether you should give new players chances to develope, or you are under pressure to maximise your results in the short run, where you want to use veterans you know are stable. It's probably how much the coach are willing to gamble on the young talented players (that often are very uneven in their performances). Maybe the Latvian league is just a bit too good to just use teenage players??? The danish league has really plummeted in class after the 2007 crises, but that means that tons of very young players get the chance to play against adults. Oliver Bjørkstrand playing for Herning as 16, with Thomas Spelling 17 and Patrick Bjørkstrand 18 last year. Before 2007 that would have been impossible with all that good foreign import that could be afforded back then.
It could otherwise just be a discipline or clash of personality thing between Tambijevs and Bukarts? It's hard to know as a fan why players sometimes are kept from a team -> if you as a coach wants a disciplined defensive hockey (especially if you have bad results and are under pressure to get points) it can be very hard for a teenager to fit in that system. If you play offensive creative hockey young players can often flourish.
So what are Tambijevs playing style aspirations for HK Riga, and has the playing style changed after the loss of his talented players (like Indrasis)??
Tambijevs style is the same old Soviet style hockey,and no, playing style has not changed at all,its just that there are almost no good players left except for Bukarts,Upītis un Golovkovs (btw look out for him,he could be the next star for Dinamo Rīga)
We really need someone like Nolan for HK rīga because having 2 north american type coaches for both mens team and Dinamo rīga but still keeping soviet style coach for youth team,it just doesnt mix.

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