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Originally Posted by CanadianHockey View Post
Not very good comparables.

It'd be more like if those rich, decent actors were locked out of the big production companies and all decided to go sign on for indie work on the cheap. Then all the indie actors aren't able to land roles and have to find other work.

Similarly, it's like if all the big name law firms locked out their employees. They'd all flock to smaller law firms, and the small time lawyers would be out of a job.

Part of the difference between you two is that you're coming from the perspective of owners (who are looking to get the best employees possible), he's coming from the perspective of a union guy or employees in general (who are looking to keep their jobs and grow in the industry).
The idea has nothing to do with unions and people locked out of production companies. The idea is that people want the best product possible for their business. Jason York has been on about it all morning on the Team and echoed my opinion perfectly. According to all these "they are stealing jobs" people they should be pissed off with European's coming over to play in the NHL.

With the lockout in effect there is currently no NHL, so these talented hockey players are going to get jobs elsewhere. Did the players ask to be locked out? Nope. How are they even "crossing a picket line" when they aren't on strike.

If your boss told you that you couldn't come to work you're saying you wouldn't look for a part-time job until things got settled?

What right did Jakob Silfverberg have coming over last year during the playoffs and "stealing" the job of someone already in the lineup. Pesky Europeans ought to stay over on their side of the room.

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