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Originally Posted by PeterSidorkiewicz View Post
The problem is it comes off as hypocritical when the players go on about solidarity. Personally, I like the SEL's notion of not allowing NHL players to play. Plus, as a fan, you get to see a Spezza or a Thornton for how many games? He then leaves 10-15 games into the season and that's that. If I'm a fan I would want that player to make a commitment for the entire year, or not play at all.

And listening to an ESPN America writer interview yesterday, that's exactly how fans are feeling over there is what he was saying, as opposed to the lockout of 2004 where it was more of a novelty, now the novelty has worn off.
As a fan I would love if the Ottawa Senators only ever signed players that wanted to play in Ottawa for life. If Bryan Murray goes out and trades for a "rental" player at the deadline and said player helps Ottawa to win the Stanley Cup I doubt I would be complaining. Sure I only got to see him play in what like 20 games max, but it isn't how many games he plays, it is what effect he had while playing that is going to be more important to me as a fan.

Apparently the team Spezza is going to hasn't made their playoffs in awhile. If Jason goes in and helps win them a ton of games, and even though he leaves, those games put them into the postseason. Are those fans going to be pissed he played to begin with?

Look the Russians/Swedes/Finnish/European players all have their own leagues that they could play in. A lot of the best players from those countries choose to play in the NHL. So what is wrong with players from the NHL choosing to go over to Europe when their options in North America are eliminated? Professional sports are based around the best players getting to play not giving jobs to the largest amount of players possible.

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