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Originally Posted by RedWings19405 View Post
For the most part yes. Now for the remaining unsigned free agents there aren't a bunch that might not be the case. Andrei Kostitsyn and Linus Omark for instance are there to stay for at least the season. Not that I expect a ton of interest. What I do think is interesting is if one of these superstar Russian decides he prefers the KHL while he is over there. Looks at the steps the league has taken and says either A.) He doesn't want to come back at all. B.) He will sign with the KHL the next time his contract is up. Now a lot of the big guns from Russia are tied up long term but it could be something to potentially watch.

Despite the airplane tragedy, the KHL is a dramatically improving league. It is a huge improvement over the RSL and a much different animal than the NHL has really ever had to deal with. Think WHA but overseas and unlikely to fold or answer by buying them up. In my opinion they are going to land a player and soon that people still want and has real NHL options. You could say that is Radulov, but it would appear teams didn't pound down his door to sign him. I just hope the first isn't Datsyuk after this contract.
I don't know the full list outside of Hudler and Radulov but I suspect there are a few more who have opted for the KHL. I would expect many more stud players from around the world to start choosing the KHL over the NHL. I think the league is playing with fire watching so many players head overseas. If some of the players decide they like Europe better it could come back to burn the NHL. I think the salary cap puts the NHL at a competitive disadvantage and their constant lockouts demanding players take less is only going to make things worse.

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