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09-21-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Setting aside the incredible pure math odds against such a thing happening... this is Columbus. Such things just don't happen. If we're in a lottery, we generally lose.

As an illustration of this... this comes from an AP story this May which came out shortly after this year's draft lottery:

We might as well be discussing the ongoing preseason.

This is theory. Like I said, I am a Red Sox fan I literally watched the Baseball Gods smile on the Red Sox in the middle of their championship series with the Yankees.

It would be statistically impossible. If you use the weight ball stats on the prospects forum, the CBJ have a 16.67% chance of the #1 pick with the 5 balls they would get (3) CBJ, (1) NYR, (1) LAK. To keep the premise, Let's say LAK wins, that leaves CBJ with 4 out of 29 13.79%, and then NYR wins the 2nd, 3 out of 28. 10.71%.

A .246% chance of happening if my math is right.

But as a Preds fan, I think it's my right to torture the dreams of the CBJ faithful.

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