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09-21-2012, 01:36 PM
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Oh, what the heck.

Name: Jo

Location: Columbus, OH

Occupation: Technically between jobs at the moment, but it's generally IT related.

Preds Fan Since: Jim Balsillie's heavyhanded attempt to move the team. It also helps that I've got friends and family in Nashville. Still a Jackets fan first, though.

All-Time Favorite Pred: Ryan Suter and Kimmo Timonen.

Favorite Current Pred: Kevin Klein. It'd be Erat, only he was the one who (to his great chagrin, admittedly) delivered the preseason hit that ultimately ended David Vyborny's NHL career, so he loses a point.

Most Memorable Preds Moment: Tootoo to Smithson for the Game 5 win against the Disney Goon Squad.

Best Trade: Kimmo Timonen and some other guy (Jan Varpat? Something like that) for Future Considerations.

Worst Trade: Leopold's disassembly deals.

Best UFA Signing: Would have to go with Karyia.

Worst UFA Signing: Couldn't say. Lombardi, maybe?

Jerseys Owned: I generally don't collect them.

Favorite Sport Other than Hockey: NCAA football (particularly the Buckeyes) and MLS soccer (particularly the Crew).

Favorite Movie: Rollerball. The actual one, starring James Caan and dating from well before I was born. Persistent rumors of a "remake" that came out around aught-two, aught-three or so are patently false.

Favorite Music: A whole lot of Canadian Indie Rock bands (thanks to a friend who provides me with regular "fixes"), plus bits and pieces of country, classical, chiptune, some progrock, some strange world music, some fusions of all of the above...

Favorite Place To Sit at A Game: At a game. I don't get to go to many. That said, BFC and I have made a semi-tradition of going to at least one Preds game every New Year's when we're in the area.

Remember - when you're a hockey fan, it's not "reckless driving", it's "good forechecking".
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Thanks, Howson, for cleaning up MacLean's toxic waste. Welcome, Kekalainen; let's get good things built!
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