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09-21-2012, 12:39 PM
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Originally Posted by PAZUZU View Post
i am on the 9 month payment plan, i have paid about 1/2 of what i owe, and they have stopped charging me the remaining monthly payments until the lockout is over.

i'd be not too happy if the flyers did what the bruins are doing to their STH's.
Thanks for the info.

I know someone earlier in the thread made it sound like the Philly offer of 2% APR was horrible and compared the it to the B's offer of 3%. However if you realize how ARR works, the difference between the 1percentage point APR is a matter of pennies, not dollars.

The fact that you guys had your payments suspended, as I believe many team are doing, is a far superior offer to our 3%. STH's who opted for the monthly refund will see a charge on our cards one day and a refund the next

Jeremy Jacobs is absolutely a greedy ****er! He's gonna make good bank on the interest from STH if the lockout looms long. All the while giving us a piddly APR "credit" for next year.

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