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Originally Posted by KL14 View Post
If I had a say, there would be no 16 year cards and all players would at least finish their first year of major midget prior to making the jump to Junior hockey, but given the current system, using them is better than losing them.. IMO...and people are getting bored with the 16 year old card discussion so this is my last post on this....until next season
I have always been a advocate for having 16 year old cards but I am not narrow minded enough to see the different view points as to why it would be beneficial to play at least 1 year of Major Midget hockey.
However I would argue that there are typically quite a few 16 year olds ready to play Jr hockey so why hold them back? Also for some families it is alot cheaper and easier for their son to play Jr. rather than say AAA. There are families that simply cannot afford the monetary cost or the time cost to play AAA so if they cannot do that and they are not allowed to play Jr. some will be forced to play Midget Rep whether it is A or B depending where they live and for those kids it is kind of a wasted year.
I think Hockey Canada is doing the right thing here in limiting the # that are allowed to play yet not completely taking the opportunity away from the players capable of playing at the Jr. level at that age.
Just my opinion but I do see both sides of the arguement.

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