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12-05-2003, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Walsher
Tommy likes to play lots - that means basically every night. He is at his best when he is playing every game.
I've never known Salo not to be playing (almost) every game. So I can't really say I'm qualified to comment whether he's better when he's playing every game.

I can't remember Salo ever having to fight for his #1 position. Or share it.

I think we'll know more about Tommy Salo pretty soon. I'm hoping he's sharper and more competitive.

Has anyone else noticed how some players and coaching staff (when asked to comment on Conklin) always refer to how much he puts into game preparation and focus? It made me wonder, "Gee he must zone in ALOT more than most goalies. Then I wondered........hmmm, maybe they are just used to "someone else" not being as focused and prepared enough for big games.

I'm not in anyway try to start a big rumour or anything, because quite frankly......I haven't a clue how Tommy prepares or how serious he really is. It just made me wonder why it kept coming up in appraisals about Conks.

And I know Conks is pretty intense. Captain of his College team......apparently wasn't afraid to mix it up. That could be all that's REALLY behind the "preparation" comments.

But I often wonder if Salo takes it as serious as he did when he arrived. Marque players leaving every year......Cup fading......will be too old when the Oilers long term plans come to fruition. Know what I'm saying?

I hope this strong showing by Conks triggers Tommys pride and competitveness.

I haven't forgotten those big saves.

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