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09-21-2012, 01:07 PM
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I'm so far behind with The Office that I didn't bother to watch it...but I honestly don't know when/if I'll ever catch up. Once Jim & Pam got together the show started to fall apart and just too many cast members have left...that may work on a show like ER, but it's just too hard to do that successfully with a comedy show.

Parks & Rec is definitely in danger. The fifth season is usually when things start to go downhill...Parks & Rec hasn't had as many episodes as most shows entering a fifth season so hopefully that'll help sustain it, but I'm not so much worried about the quality dipping as much as I am the network losing patience...and I do think 90% of the reason that Parks & Rec and Community are even on the air this season is because of the critical acclaim and complete lack of ideas NBC could possibly replace them with.

NBC's new shows this year are mind-numbingly stupid premises and a vehicle for a sitcom star who hasn't been able to shake the fact that he played a character on a show that ended a decade ago. Put two more shows like that on in place of their two critically acclaimed shows and you've completely alienated the younger fan base.

But the fact that 30 Rock has a send-off short season really does tell you that NBC just didn't have anything to replace these shows with. 30 Rock costs a good deal more to make than the Parks & Rec and Community and has ratings largely in-line with them. I know a lot of it is trying to keep Tina Fey around as long as possible, but that's another show that blasted past it's original premise and started going downhill around season 5.

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