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09-21-2012, 01:29 PM
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i don't understand why these networks aren't willing to take a hit on the ratings for just ONE critically-acclaimed show each (to wit, the best shows, to my mind, are usually the cheaper ones). with the rest of their programming catered to the lowest common denominator i'm sure they'd be fine (especially when you consider how much they spend on crappy first seasons of crappy shows that they don't renew).

I think about how NBC supported Homicide for 7 seasons and i'm left with two thoughts: 1) good on them for keeping with the show in the face of dismal ratings (remember when NBC gave the producers an ultimatum to make Homicide more popular than Nash Bridges or face cancellation but kept the show in air even when it didn't beat Nash Bridges?) and

2) remember how they meddled with the show by handing down ultimatums, forcing the writer's hands and replacing cast members every season (at least five detectives nixed by season 7) turning what could have been the best show to ever grace television into merely a very good show. in my opinion it's better to be strung along with the future in doubt the way Parks and Recs / Community are than to actually have network suits meddle with the content of the show.

so, progress? perhaps, but things still look bleak in the world of the boob tube.

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