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Originally Posted by kiwidevil View Post
So how is borderlands 2, cool cats?
I think I'm about half way into the game if you include all the metric ****ton of sidequests, probably more than that, and I think it's safe to say that this is the funniest game ever created. It may be a lot like the first - which I don't view as a negative - but the humour has been amplified a hundredfold. Unfortunately, I feel that people don't listen to the humour when they're playing with three other friends. It's just chaotic fun at that point, but those people are seriously missing out on a really great experience.

And there are a few sad parts. This game is a bit of everything. Oh yeah, and I attempted that Circle of Slaughter with an underleveled friend. I'll be trying it again once I reach Level 25 (I'm at 23 now). It is definitely challenging like the Mad Moxxi DLC.

I can't believe there's a sidequest where someone wants you to shoot him in the face. And it gives you an achievement. ****ing hilarious.

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