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09-21-2012, 07:18 PM
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Players cut changes from 57% of HRR to: 57% of MEDIAN HRR times 30.
Revenue Sharing goes from 4.5% of HRR to: (60% of HRR - Players Share)
Revenue Sharing exclusions eliminated.

In practice (based on Forbes 2011, with ATL adjusted for WIN)

Midpoint/Cap/Floor goes down $4 million: $54.7/$62.7/$48.7
26 of 30 teams can afford to spend 57% of revenues and reach the floor. Four cannot (CBJ, STL, PHX, NYI)… before the additional revenue sharing.

$97 million more in revenue sharing would be created.
The bottom 12 teams are $105.7 million under the midpoint (not floor).

After redistribution of the additional revenue sharing:

9 teams can spend to the cap.
5 teams can spend between the midpoint and cap.
12 teams can spend to the midpoint
4 teams can spend between floor and midpoint.

The result would be $80 million more spent on players than actually occurred in the 2011 season.

Win for the players.
Win for the owners.
Drop the puck already.

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