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09-21-2012, 07:48 PM
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poni interview, google translate

- Were there any other options for a career during the lockout? Why chose Donetsk?
- Preference was given to "Donbass". Ukraine - my homeland, where I grew up and was educated. When an offer from the "Donbass" I do not consider any other.

- What are the goals for the game in the "Donbass"?
- We have to play as a team. Personal problems should not be, should be the task team. Now "Donbass" lost five straight games and, of course, need a win to get positive emotions. Need to win the next game.

- What are your impressions of the team itself?
- It will take a little time to get used to the area, the style of play that preaches team, as well, all happy, well, who welcomed. No problem. Until that day, with the coach "Donbass" was not acquainted. It is evident that this is an experienced head coach. The only question is the team to believe in themselves in order to fulfill the job coach and everything should be in place.

- Everything you expect from Fedotenko debut in a match with "Atlanta." What do you expect from the game itself?
- A little bit excited for a long time is not played. It will be interesting to play the first game. I think everybody understands what they need to do. Many of the players have played in the NHL. I think we will play and find common ground.

- What were the emotions of the day when you first heard about the Ukrainian club in the KHL?
- Do not believe it. So many years have passed, during which the progress in terms of development of hockey was not. For me it was a joyous occasion that someone has finally decided to revive hockey in Ukraine, open schools and get children, as it was in Soviet times. I believe that these people are doing a very good job. It's good for the national team, in front of which will be to return to the former position ... We would like to go to the Olympics in Sochi. The last time we played at the Olympics in Salt Lake City and would love to play another one.

- Relationship with Ukraine all the time not to lose?
- Of course. I often went to the journalists from Ukraine. Attention to itself felt all the time. I know that recently appeared in Ukraine hockey channel that shows NHL games. I knew that the last series of the playoffs looking in Ukraine. It's great.

Fedotenko interview:
Why did you decide to pursue a career is in the "Donbass"?
- I have always had a desire to come and play in Ukraine. Here I made my first steps in hockey, laid the first knowledge. In Donetsk appeared KHL team, so I decided to come here.

- How long did the negotiations?
- We are considering switching to the "Donbass" in the summer, but I would have liked to play in the NHL. Now declared a lockout. I just decided to come here and help the Ukrainian team.

- What do you think how long the lockout?
- I'm a player, and it's business leaders of clubs and leagues. Players in the negotiations is a very good specialist. He knows what to do. In any case, all the time will tell. I am glad that I was able to return home.

- Does the NHL point "of no return" after which the season just will not start?
- In the last lockout in January it was announced that we will not play. No one wanted to spend less than 30-40 games per season.

- "Donbass" confesses, fast-paced style of play. What style do you prefer?
- I can adapt to any style. Have not played in the Olympic rinks. Area other sizes here and playing style on the other. Spend a couple of games and get used to the site. Want to play and help the team. We need to show "Donbass" to the KHL good team.

- There is a possibility of your debut in the "Donbass" in a match against "Atlant"?
- At this point I have not yet spoken coach. I will work hard to win the "Donbass" as many games.

- What you can bring into play his new team?
- Perhaps the experience. I will try to give the team all that from me.

- What are the first impressions of the Arena in Donetsk and "Friendship"?
- Arena is good, the city is beautiful. I've never been in Donetsk, here quite comfortably. I took good team like everything is fine. I was happy with everything.

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