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Originally Posted by spidergoalie View Post
Burke came to a team with Wilson as the coach, and despite all his talk of truculence and testosterone, he proceeded to build a team tailored to Wilson's style. OK, there is nothing wrong with building that sort of team if that is what you want, but then one should be consistant in doing so.

Then he gets Allaire.
Now there is no question Allaire has a pedigree, with some cups and conn smythe's along the way. However Burke had to know Allaire's style and his personality well from the Duck days. He knew Allaire is strictly a guru of the blocking butterfly style.
He brought in goalies who also wanted to play that way. (of course many want to ignore this and just blame Allaire for "forcing" the goalies to play his way. All of them are united in their praise for Allaire even now.)

In my humble opinion Burke then made probably his biggest mistake with Leaf goaltending, when he decided to go with two relatively inexperienced goalies.

So we have inexperienced goalies, under overwhelming media/fan scrutiny, playing behind a team which routinely leaves it's goalies hung out to dry facing high quality scoring chances, with them trying to employ a technical percentage based system.
Then to make matters worse, the goalie coach and head coach are not on speaking terms, and others are brought in to work with the goalies, giving them a different message from the actual goalie coach (technically "goalie consultant").
How could this be anything but a recipe for failure?

What makes the optics even worse however, is that in both the cases of Wilson and Allaire, Burke in his undying loyalty spouts off to the media how great these guys are and how they are not going anywhere, only to fire them a couple months later.

I think Burke is a great and loyal friend, but as result of his words versus actions, he has zero credibility left. If there is an argument saying Wilson and Allaire failed, there is therefore an equal or greater argument Burke has failed as well.


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