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12-05-2003, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
That's wishful thinking.
I said "ideally" Dan, which pretty much could be construed as wishful thinking. Yes, I was wishing the best for our prospects, as I always have. I never said this was going to happen; I merely stated that it would be the ideal situation.

[/QUOTE]Tarasov left the team because he was unhappy for not getting any ice time in the playoffs, but what I heard was that his wife was unhappy over here. I'd love to have him come back over, but I'd be shocked. [/QUOTE]

Money might have had something to do with it as well. I think you are being a bit presumptuos. You'd be shocked if he returned because you "heard" that his wife was unhappy in Quebec City. Do you have an actual quote from him concerning his reasons for leaving heading back to Russia? I have never seen one. Pure speculation IMO. The media gets the story wrong half the time in North America; I can just imagine how many times rumours from Russia are false.

[/QUOTE]Buturlin, who knows if he will ever come back, I haven't heard a word if he will come back ever, so I'd say it's 50/50 at best for him to come over. [/QUOTE]

You haven't heard any word from whom exactly? A little Russian Birdie?
"You" haven't heard any word, so "you" say it's 50/50 that he'll come over. Excuse me if I don't head to Vegas to ley down $1000 on that presumption.

I enjoy your reports on our prospects and your hard work, but I must say that you have recently had a prospensity towards "knowing" our prospects futures, particularly ones in Russia. As well, there were some pretty strong predicitions a couple of weeks ago about AHL prospects based on your seeing three Hamilton games, which included the hasty damning of Dagenais. I'm curious as to your scouting credentials.

Dan; I just hope your "duties" aren't going to your head. I published a hockey newspaper for two years, and had a couple of draft articles published in Canadian dailies over the past couple of years. I am an avid follower of prospects and the draft, and have quite a few NHL contacts (including head scouts, directors of player personnel and GMs), but it doesn't make me a scout, expert, or predictor. When I go to a junior or AHL game and see prospects play, or watch them on TV, I can't definitively predict one way or another whether they'll pan out at the NHL level, especially with limited viewing. I can offer my opinion on their performance, but I can't predict their future. Young players have good games and bad games. I'm also not able to surmise what will happen with our players 7,000 miles away based on very sketchy reports.

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