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09-22-2012, 01:13 AM
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Well, I just got back from the Giant's opener and don't really see anywhere to discuss players, so figured I'd start a thread like the OHL one. Anyways, my thoughts on a few guys.

Musil - First time watching him live and I can't for the life of me figure out why he was ever compared to Plante or why most people rate him so low. He had to have played close to 30 minutes and was an absolute force in both ends. Very calm with the puck and never gives up on the play. He was easily the best player on either team tonight, and by a large margin.

Kulak - Holy crap is he bad. To balance out Musil, he was by far the worst player tonight. The best comparison I can think of for the way he played today is a less physical, less offensive, lazy, J-Bo. He scored a nice goal, but when you create 3 for the other team, it's kind of a moot point at best. I actually hope he turns into an NHLer because the kid line will light him up in the BoA.

Hodges - Was on fire and the majority of the Giants couldn't even come close to containing him. Kinda reminds me of Brayden Schenn. Could be a steal for Florida. I didn't notice him again after his goal though (I think he might have been sat to give others a chance since they were starting to pull away) and has a bit of a temper.

Most other players had fairly average games. A few, like Franson, stood out here and there, but nothing much.

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