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Originally Posted by PayItForward View Post
lol @ the thought that Toews would be traded before Kane.
While I dont believe that specificly, its kind of at a point where if one goes then the other will and a rebuild will start.

Unless you live in Chicago, you dont know the value of Patrick Kane. Throw out the fact that he is an elite player, but in a city where 75% of those who live there could care less about hockey, I would say 90% know who Patrick Kane is.

The Hawks built their entire marketing campaign around the kid, and in many audio bits, its something like "Come see Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks as they take on....".

Many of the posters here have no clue just how important Kane is, and I enjoy the LOL's from many of these paltry trade wishes they might have only because Kane, and I cant stand the guy, goes out and acts like a clown during the off season. The kid has "it", and there isnt any amount of scraps that can take that away from the Hawks. Thats why a trade is gonna have to blow McMoron out the water considering Stan Blowman would have to get his approval for anything like that to happen, and it just wont.

Slowly face it, grass hoppers, you just cant get Patrick Kane.

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