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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
I agree with much of what you are saying here. And to be honest the price you are willing to pay for Luongo is close to what I would ask. Personally If I was to make the deal I would need the 2nd changed to a 1st. And I think it's fair, because if you look at last trade deadline Paul Gaustad even commanded a 1st. Obviously everyone has their own opinion. I just think as a Leaf fan and management you need to ask yourself how long can you go without making the playoffs. That being said maybe the Leafs make the playoffs next year with Reimer.
Sort of going in circles here... but including a first in addition to Kadri is just not going to happen under any circumstances. The second is pushing it, hence why there needs to be a guarantee that it is a 44+ 2nd rounder. When you look at our system, how it has a ton of older and mid-range prospects, there's just no way we would be willing to part with what would most likely be a top 20 pick in addition to Nazem Kadri. Heck, we probably wouldn't part with that pick alone, unless we had a follow-up plan to move Kadri and acquire a bad team's first rounder.

What a GM of a good team does at deadline time (when picks get grossly undervalued) is significantly different than what a GM does of a bad team does in the offseason. The Leafs are only going to make a Luongo move that makes long term sense.

Furthermore, if the Leafs were in fact prepared to trade Kadri & their first, they could significantly increase their playoff chances this year by dealing with other teams for other players.

Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
If the "NHL" is made up of the 30 owners and Bettman, why would the owners agree to shoot themselves in the foot? It was they, along with there GM's that agreed to these circumventing deals. They would in essence be penalizing thenselves...i just don't see it. I can see that being in place for all deals signed in the NEW CBA, but i think all existing deals get grandfathered.
Maybe the owners decide that they don't want to be in a position where their competitors are burying bad contracts in the AHL, thereby forcing them into a position where they have to do it to be competitive.... so they all, as a collective, agree that any 1-way contracts that are sent to the AHL only take a maximum of a certain amount of cap hit / salary with them. Maybe that number is $750k, meaning a guy who makes $500k can go to the AHL and doesn't leave any residual salary at the NHL level. A guy who makes $1m and gets buried would leave $250k at the NHL level.

Just like they all, as a collective, agreed to "shoot themselves in the foot" to lock out the players and not profit from the start of the season.

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