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09-22-2012, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by Dirty Danglez View Post
People got to stop making excuses for this kid in terms of focus. He's not focused right now about hockey, and no one can deny that. He gets injured for being idiotic, gets suspended for being idiotic... gets suspended again for a separate affair that was probably idiotic.

No one is denying his speed, talent and (slow) progression on the ice... but he just seems like too much of a wild card off it. He will probably play in the NHL, but it doesn't mean we should brush off his stupid antics cause "he's young and in college".

He's a young NHL prospect in college... act like it!
I think the people less inclined to pass judgment aren't making excuses so much as realising that they don't know the situation based on a couple of headlines. And that as much as one might not want to see these sorts of headlines attached to a prospect, they may be entirely inconsequential and may not reflect reality all that much.

Frankly, I prefer that approach to making absolute statements about an individual's mindset and focus when I've never interacted with them, nor known anyone who has interacted with them. Evidently, you're at ease in making such judgments, which is continually strange to me.

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