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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Not sure either.

All the owners either don't talk about it or are pretty neutral on it.

When it comes to the players we hear plenty of shots on Bettman and the owners.

NHL players proving to be the less educated and professional of the two sides.

They blame bettman constantly and some even mentioned his salary like it makes a difference. If the owners asked for 45% it's his job to get it basically. He's just a representative. Granted, the owners won't ask for that, but Bettman actually has no ownership of a franchise and is merely doing his job. If it's 40% or 60% he still gets paid. The only thing that might change his salary is him representing the owners, getting the job done and improving the game. If he fails to do that, he wouldn't get raises.
Logically, a lockout is against Bettman's personal interests, as it makes his job of growing/marketing the game more difficult.

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