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Originally Posted by MasterD
*throws hat*
One step at a time. Your hat trick won't come bing-bang-bing. Dagenais was the easiest to replace--he was just sent to Hamilton. Gainey was stuck with a stumbling Théo for awhile, but when Huet showed what he was capable of, Théo was exposed as being both superfluous and expensive. Unfortunately, there's no easy resolution for Ribeiro. Obviously Gainey won't waive him because he has some value. Therefore, Gainey would have to trade him, sign a UFA, or both. Then the payroll would jump and there would be less left for signing other players. It would be logical to trade both Ribeiro and Aebischer, but it doesn't have to be in the same trade. If Gainey succeeds in signing a UFA center who is a better firtthan Ribeiro, he might consider trading Ribeiro and/or Aebischer for draft choices to maintain the payroll at a tolerable level.

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