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09-22-2012, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Kishire View Post
Anyone see his game? How did he look?
I watched it. Posted a little blurb on the Sabres board last night, but here are some more fleshed out thoughts (by period):

1) Wasn't dazzling in the first period, but he did make a few very nice plays. He was physically engaged both defensively (ie: tying guys up in front of the net in his own end) and battling for pucks in the offensive zone. Had a real nice take away while Chicoutimi was trying to break out that he generated a nice scoring chance on.
2) This is where he really got going. Had the puck on his stick a lot, was making a lot of plays happen in the offensive zone, and often looked dangerous. Sniped a real nice goal on the PP. He also had a very good PK shift in this period. The first time he tried to clear the puck, it was intercepted, but after that, he got he puck again and was able to just possess the puck in the offensive zone for about half a shift to kill time (eventually, one of his d-men skated into the high slot, and he fed the puck to him from the corner boards for a good SH chance).
3) The Remparts took a boatload of penalties and Grigs saw little (maybe no?) PK time during that onslaught. When the team finally got back to ES, after giving up 2 goals, Grigs' line was right back out on the ice, and they pinned Chicoutimi in their own zone, eventually scoring (Grigs had the primary assist).

Despite the nice stat sheet, it looked like his chemistry with his linemates was a bit off. Though maybe it just looked bad in comparison to how great Erne and Soronsen (sp?) looked together. His defensive play was solid positionally, and it looked like he was more engaged in board battles. I'm thinking his summer training with Buffalo has already reaped some rewards in terms of strength. Did not look great taking draws and made a few dangerous passes from his own end; it's the kind of creative playmaking that is high risk and high reward and looks great when it pays off, but in a game like that (where the Remparts were leading the whole time) I think he should be leaning toward the safer play. In general, it looks like he is trending in the right direction and has put his shaky finish form last season behind him.

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