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Originally Posted by LickTheEnvelope View Post

I will check again but it seemed to ruin the story.


I checked out 5 or 6 different explanations for the opening scene... and yes... I know what the Alien is doing... and I understand what the scientists are doing in the cave, I just don't understand why it happens right away on hard cuts. It's bad storytelling to ruin a big chunk of the mystery literally right away.
I was trying to put up a spoiler quote so that I would not ruin the movie for people who have not seen it yet.
Since I forgot how to do that, I will try it in a way that does not ruin anything.

To me, I think there are 2 explanations.

The first one, I believe, explains the origin of man.
It had that DNA sequence right afterwards.
The mystery to me was why the Engineer wants to bring the substance to earth.
Was it to destroy earth because it thinks earthlings are imperfect creatures, or are humans just guinea pigs for them to test the substance and see how much they can evolve?

The second was that he was the one who caused the catastrophe that killed almost everyone.

I actually think it sets up the whole story.
It is less about how the substance is toxic.
But these are my own speculations, and they could be really, really off.

Originally Posted by Vankiller Whale View Post
Although the ending was just plain stupid. Throughout the movie it seems like they just invented new aliens as they went along. I never really got how they are all related.
Yeah, you are right on.
That was why it was really disappointing to most people, who expected a direct prequel to the Alien franchise.

But at least there was some continuity with the facehugger, and the final alien looked a bit like the ones most people are familiar with.
Other than that, it was as Scott said, it really was a loose prequel.

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