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09-22-2012, 02:40 PM
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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
I'd be willing to package Hansen with Luongo (and only in a package with Luongo - otherwise completely unavailable) for a fantastic return... Two real good players going the other way... One on a contract that lowers his value... One on a contract that uppers his value... ONLY IF, it's determined that Kassian can slot in on the 3rd line and consistently make comparable impact (and potentially more in terms of physical play) for even cheaper ($.870 compared to 1.35)... It'll be a challenge, given that Hansen's contributions and efforts will be real difficult to replace... But, I assume that Kassian was acquired for a real nice prospect back because the Canucks feel that Kassian is up for the challenge to at least make a real significant impact on the 3rd line (or 2nd line)... In other words, eventually at the very least, fill the role that Hansen plays - on a much more physical level (not that Hansen isn't physical, but goes to show how physical Kassian can be)...

There's a point where Kassian needs to be the 3rd line RW, IMO, before making the jump to 2nd line... Develop Kassian slowly (much like Hansen), and I think the natural place for Kassian for a few years is the 3rd line RW spot... Hansen has flirted with the 2nd line (being a Kesler winger), and he might still make the jump... but he hasn't quite grabbed the ball yet... Maybe it's possible one of Hansen or Kassian leap frog the other for the 2nd line spot (at the time when both really belong in that 3rd line RW spot)... but, I think it's more likely that they'll be challenging each other for that 3rd line RW spot for the next year or two... and a veteran RW (why the Canucks wanted Doan) being acquired for that 2nd line spot until either one is ready...

Obviously, with both of their salaries, Both Hansen and Kassian can easily fit in 3rd and 4th line spots... But I think that at some point (perhaps as soon as next season), Kassian is going to need some more ice time... 3rd line ice time...

Adding Hansen to Luongo makes the return instantly more attractive (and better)... As much as I like the Honey Badger (and would hate for him to go), I'd make him available (only with Luongo), and only with the "right" return coming back - given that Kassian will likely need more ice time to make more impact (and responsibility) sooner rather than later... How long can Kassian remain a 4th line player before he starts getting pigeon-holed and his growth gets stunted? Obviously, can work for a while longer... But how long?

I don't expect Luongo to be traded any time soon anways... So, by the time Luongo is ready to be traded, there's a chance that Kassian is forcing more ice time and makes Hansen available with Luongo, too... IMO, let's see what Kassian brings until the trade deadline (or after the season), and maybe see what's out their for both in a package...

Even Luongo + Hansen + 1st (2013)... What could that potentially bring? A "franchise-shifting" prospect from the right team, at the right time?
But who will be offering somthing for that sort of package? The usual teams. And at least 2 might not be super interested in a first either.

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