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Originally Posted by Islespuck89 View Post
Thanks probably stick to bars near granville. i avoid the ghetto crap in my home NYC. I dont go to seedy areas at home defintly have no interest on seeing them on the road. Im stocked for the giants game no NHL and i haven't skated in 3.5 months due to a injury.
The thing about Granville is it's pretty cookie cutter. Coming from NYC you aren't going to come to Vancouver and think WOW when it comes to nightlife. At least Gastown has a bit of soul left.

Granville Street is usually the recommendation of people who also think Robson Street is exciting for shopping. They either have never been anywhere, or are 19-23, or just want to help without having any real knowledge of what there is to do in the city.

But you can definitely get drunk there and it's a stag so maybe that's the only thing that matters.

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