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Originally Posted by montreal View Post
My question to you, is why would you make a statement about Kristo when you clearly don't know what the rules are. I'm just curious as to why people on this site make statements when they don't even know what the rules are, wouldn't it be better to ask what the rules are first so you know before making statements.

So often on this board over the years I continue to see people say this or that about prospects when they clearly don't even know what the rules are, which imo makes it hard to take someone seriously. I know this is directed at you but I want to address this to everyone since I can't count the number of times I've read various posters state incorrect facts.

Here's how it works in the NCAA. If you are drafted and at going to play in the NCAA there are two things that happen. One, the player goes directly to the NCAA the following season after being drafted. This is known as being a true Freshman, and the NHL team has to sign you after the player completes 4 years, he must be signed before August 15th or he will become a UFA. The second thing that can happen is instead of going directly to the NCAA, said draft pick spends the following season after being drafted outside of the NCAA. This could be any league that isn't considered pro by the NCAA, so USHL, USHS, BCHL, etc.... Once that happens, there is a loop hole that after said players 3rd season in the NCAA he can opt to become a UFA on July 1st but in order to due so he has to do two things, one is he must inform the NHL team that selected him that he wishes to become a UFA, he must due so before June 1st. The second is that he will let the school know that he will not be returning to the NCAA for his senior year.

If a NCAA draft pick that is eligible to become a UFA after their junior year opts NOT to become a UFA, then that loop hole is forever closed, meaning he can only sign with the team that drafted him and can NOT become a UFA unless of course the NHL team in question doesn't want to sign him. So Kristo has no options but to sign with the Habs, unless of course he wants out of hockey, maybe to run his own bar. If he wants to play in the NHL he has to sign with the Habs.

Here's the list of players that can opt out of signing with the Habs after their Junior year,

Mac Bennett- (Junior) He can opt out as long as he informs the Habs before June 1st, 2013, if he doesn't do so by then he can only sign with the Habs.

Mark MacMillan- (Sophmore) He can opt out as long as he informs the Habs before June 1st, 2014, if he doesn't do so by then he can only sign with the Habs.

Colin Sullivan- (Freshman) He can opt out as long as he informs the Habs before June 1st, 2015, if he doesn't do so by then he can only sign with the Habs.

The remaining NCAA draft picks, Dustin Walsh, Danny Kristo, Mike Cichy, and Josiah Didier all can NOT use the loop hole so they can only sign with the Habs.
Well put Montreal.On another topic the rights of the individual to partake in socializing.While in college hmmm... Girls Gone Wild of course they will never have boyfriends or husbands after going feral. Danny Kristo will sign at the end of this season with the Habs and join former linemate Louis Leblanc and Blake Geoffrion forming a 3rd line (Energy)just my opinion,a very talented line capable of disrupting the flow of the oppositions best lines.I cannot fathom how some people can be so Pius and assume that a persons career can fall to ruins over silly suspensions given due to antiquated school rules.When one considers the age and cost to these young adults in college,they have some gall trying to run their lives 24/7.Some earn scholarships that pay their tuition,imagine the amount of hours spent training to receive Kristo's.So let's not dream up reasons to allow petty personal attacks upon someone else when there are mirrors enough for all of us to find criticism.

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