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09-22-2012, 05:53 PM
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Its a humble grass roots idea but I'm just over it at this point, I really do appreciate the sentiment of wanting to write the owner(s) but I promise you it will do absolutely nothing. But hey, he might send you back a nice note saying he understands the fans frustrations and maybe just maybe you might even get some cool Wild swag but that's best case scenario...

The Wings Jim Devellano's interview really summed it up better than everything else I've read, it's a shame he got fined 250k+ for it.. He probably could have come up with a more flattering analogy than Cattle & Ranchers but what he spoke of really got down to brass tacks..

I'm sure all of you or at least most of you read it so I won't get into quotes and things like that but the reality is what he said at the end... The owners will not let a union push them around, the owners are the owners and they're not going to let their employees tell them what to do. As much as I think everyone's being at least a little greedy in this situation the owners do have an extremely valid point in that they employee these players, they give them first class / top of the line everything. They take all the risk & pay for everything when things go wrong, they get to make the rules in the end and they need to position themselves to show that they have always & will always be in control.

It's a waiting game now regardless if we like it or not...

My suggestion, be a big Houston Aero's fan this year, root for our future, maybe pick a Finnish league team and root for them as well, we can return the favor to all our Finnish friends who go out of their way to root for our American team by supporting one of their teams this season, just embrace the situation as best you can.. But I guarantee you that no fans are going to get anything done in this. The game will survive, the fans will always be there and things will go back to normal sooner or later, it's just going to suck in the meantime...

But by all means, keep fighting the good fight but I guarantee you CL is way more pissed than you about all of this. We just want to watch hockey, he literally has million & millions & millions of dollars invested in this. He didnt sign Parise & Suter to watch them play pick-up hockey on rented ice. He's a fan too, he wants these guys back on the ice but he's got to protect his investments & his future as well, just like any of us would in his shoes..

Like Devellano said, the players already know they lost but they still need to show that their strong & committed.. Sooner or later the owners will throw the players a bone, the players will take it because its good enough to let them save face & feel like theyve won at least in some small ways, we'll ***** & moan about the hockey season we lost but after another full season/year people will get over it because hockey will be back and it will business as usual until the next CBA...

EDIT: Sorry for the rant. It didnt seem that long til I saw it posted. haha

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