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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
Even with legend 1 or 2, you've already maxed out the important offensive/defensive/atheletic attributes and you basically have nowhere else to spend the points.
Yeah Chubbs was telling me how he maxed out all the important stuff already at SS with DFD. Hand-eye, offensive awareness, and puck control are pretty important though (especially hand-eye), and the OFD has a higher cap for those. Slap-shot power is a lot more expensive as OFD, but once you get to Legend+ and have boosts, it shouldn't be that big of a problem. 80+ in both slaps seems to be plenty too.
I'll play with the builds whenever I get there, but I think the slightly higher caps in the important offense and athleticism attributes makes up for the slightly lower caps in defense.

Originally Posted by JumboThornton92 View Post
How do playoffs work?

Team with the most wins moves on or do we actually play a series with teams?
As long as a team played 1 game in the regular season, they're in the playoffs. Any team that wins 4 games in a row are Amateur/Pro/Elite Playoff Champions. We'll probably ignore the playoffs later on since more teams quit when they see that you won. However, you need 1 GP in the playoffs to get the +3 slap boost (unless you did BAP), which is why I want to play 1 game. If we win 4/lose 1 before I get to play, I'll have to wait another month.

EDIT: Oh, and no series in the playoffs. You just go against random teams until you either win 4 games in a row, or lose 1.

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