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09-22-2012, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Kreiders Underwear View Post
What would you recommend is an ideal weight for a 6 foot 4 male, with a large build (no built muscle)?

I'm currently 198 and want to get down to 185. I have very broad shoulders and I'm just a big guy, got the man **** as well. I keep hoping that the man **** will go away, but they don't.

My mom thinks if I go to 185, I'll look too skinny, but I disagree. I think I'll look very good and will be able to then add some muscle in the chest to turn those man **** into pecs, and add some bicep definition.

Is 185 too "skinny" in your opinion for a 6 foot 4 male with a large build?
Hey, if you can get down to 185, go for it

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