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09-22-2012, 08:31 PM
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What this tells me is that hockey is no different then any other form of mainstream entertainment these days. It is no longer about the love of the craft nor the thrill of doing something you love, but a way to make ludicrous amounts of lucre while enabling themselves to live fabulous rock star lives.

Once again it shall be the working class that suffers. Those of us that slave for corporations that make fortunes off of our backs, off of those that have no choice but to work for them. Us that look to entertainment and sports as a way to escape the mundane lives we live and have something to cheer for.

As retaliation, I will no longer purchase any form of NHL licensed or endorsed products. This includes clothing and collectables, video games (I have bought and played every EA game since NHLPA in 1992) and tickets to NHL matches.

Let the players play out their careers in the KHL and the owners sit in their empty buildings. I hope their greed brings them nothing but distress. Balls to the lot of them.

My only hope is that RDS and TSN pick up the AHL season.

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