Thread: Confirmed with Link: Habs select Tim Bozon - 64th overall
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09-22-2012, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
I'm pretty sure Gainey and Bergevin had little to do with the drafts. I doubt as GMs they even have time to follow prospects in depth enough to make decisions on every round.
I do keep saying that GM had very little to do for sure. I will never add a GM's name in a head scout success. Makes no sense to me, Timmins has been pretty good regularly, yet, he saw 4 different GM's. But then, while we don't exactly know the strategy behind it, I do remember somebody whether it was from Timmins himself or Gauthier or whoever, that Gauthier worked differently than the others. It seems as if he didn't exactly wanted Timmins to go with a specific list of 1 to 100, but moreso a group of players around where they'd be picking. Whether it changes or not, I have no idea. And again, I do keep saying that the only thing you can bring a GM's name for the success of his head scout, is the one who brought him in in the first place. Thanks to André Savard. No props to Gainey, has some wanted for keeping him there.....Gainey joined 1 year later...way too soon to address a guy's work. And then would take an idiot to remove Timmins from there as he started racking the great stories almost every single year. What this 2012 year did though is that Timmins, for probably the first time, was able to mix SEXY and VALUABLE. We got a lot of popular names this time around and that might actually do something. While the other years, we most likely started to appreciate Timmins work as the years progresses. I know, there were other years that we got some sexy names...but like last year? I don't remember. I also helps to get the sexy ones when you pick that early....

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