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Originally Posted by Looch View Post
It's a very reasonable request imo. As other teams have done exactly that. But they didn't say you would have to pay in full upon the new CBA. They would divy the remain payments up. So if there were two months left on your payment plan and you owed $1,000 you pay $500 each moth etc.

I honestly believe they could receive two thousand phone calls from angry STH's over the fact that their two options of continuing to charge during the lockout are ridiculous, and they'd still tell us all to get ****ed. $ is king. If you don't give them their money (your money) they'll tell you they'll pull someone off their wait list who will.

The guy a share a four pack of one seats with got a cal from his rep yesterday. His rep was asking him what option he was going to choose, 1 or 2. Since I pay for 75% of the seast and he only has 25% he tad me I could choose what I wanted. I told him I was going to take the refund. But that I was going to wait till the 28th to see if by some act of God the two side made and significant ground towards a new CBA. It can't hurt to wait till the last day.

Anyways, he tells me that his rep informed him they will almost definitely have a increase next year. I went through the routine of telling him how if we lose the whole season, half the season, miss the playoffs or make another early exit from the playoffs, chances are they won't increase prices. But his rep did a good job of scaring him into the possibility of paying $10 a ticket more next year.

I told him if he really wanted to I'd go with option 1 I'm fine with it. As his 4 seats only represent a third of my over all ST investment. And I'd just look at it as hedging my overall investment since I'll be taking option 2 on the other two thirds of my seats.

We all know how it works. The sox have been a perfect example over the last decade. When it's going well for a team and they have a wait list, strong secondary market and a sell out streak, they can let the perks slide and start to give ****** customer service. They don't have to work with you...someone else will take your place. And they're happy to let you know it. Look for the sox to start instituting some kid of similar 10 month payment plan next year.

The sox already started ass kissing before the season was even over this year. They know the sell out streak will be over next year. And that there's a large number of STH's who aren't going to renew next season. I was surprised when I bought Sox tickets online under my name (an account that is flagged). I had the delivery method as "regular mail" and was able to have them left at will call under a different name for a stub hub sale. They didn't care. They were just happy they were getting $365 for a pair of monster seats that wouldn't have otherwise sold. Two or three years ago they would have told me to get ****ed. Similarly if the NHL season is completely lost this year do you think John C will call me up next year after I buy a couple mini plans on my account and do another "power play" and tell me he is going to cancel them? I don't think so.

However, if the lockout goes deep or the season is completely lost, you will see serious ass kissing next season. I'd be will to bet with all the negative attention the league would be getting, their HUGE ST wait list would evaporate. They would be begging anyone who chose option two and took the refunds to come back. And I'd likely come back...after I dropped 90% of my seats
I don't want a lock out but if what you paint comes to fruition I'd love it. I'll be the first to say if its good for me, I'm all in. If season ticket holders bail fine with me. This new success and all the new fans has done nothing but started a price rise like I saw with my Patriots and Red Sox tickets.

I don't take any of this lockout stuff personal and those that tell me to boycott I got three words for you- go **** yourself.

I had Red Sox tickets in 1994 during the strike, the Bruins since 1983 and we had Patriots going back to 1976- so I've seen my share of this garbage and I have better things to do than get all emotional over it. If it bothers me I'd leave. In fact the only time I ever left the Bruins was not for a strike or lockout it was because of Jacobs related that pissed me off so bad I said **** it after my parents had seats since the late 40's. However, they stepped up to the plate were great, and have continued to be outfreakingstanding to me. I mean they shiit ice cream over there in my opinion. I will not get into it here but I was more pissed at them than any post here and told them so when they contacted me- tracking me down at work which considering what I was doing that day was not easy. It all worked out great for me.

I don't blame some for wanting to bail and after reading these threads I think some should. If enough people do it you can probably get tickets easy enough.

Oh, and one other thing. I've had tickets for Red Sox and Bruins and Patriots and its not even close who treats you the best- Bruins. I could do a three hour rant on the other two. You talk about ass kissing when things are going bad and treating you like Paul Ryan does woman when things are going good that is the Patriots and Red Sox.

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