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09-22-2012, 09:48 PM
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Holy **** Madden feels like what NHL has been for the last few years before the new skating engine. How is it that I have a 96 overall QB, two wide receivers that are at 93 and 91, respectively, and the #3 ranked offense in the league, going against the #29 ranked defense, two cornerbacks with 81 and 75 overall each, and I can't get a ****ing pass off because the cornerbacks SOMEHOW stay with my receivers step-for-step?

This makes absolutely NO sense. I literally find the perfect, absolutely PERFECT play to go through their zone defense and have two of my receivers absolutely wide open with only a single safety between them. My guys have a good 15-20 yards between them downfield, the safety is directly in the middle and a good 5-10 yards behind. Yet SOMEHOW they come out of nowhere to swat the ball away at the last second and my guys stand there expecting the ball to come to them and they don't have to move at all. This game. Ugh it pisses me off so badly sometimes.

That and the lack of a ****ing autosave, a feature in video games from over 10 years ago, in a game that tends to freeze EVERY TWO HOURS, makes me rage so hard.

****ing A.

Tomorrow I'm going to Target with my brother to buy him a new nerf gun. I'm also going to buy any game that looks appealing. I need something not Madden to tide me until Halo 4. Then I won't play another game for 6 months. And I'm perfectly fine with that.

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