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09-23-2012, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by nhlfan9191 View Post
Goalies usually enter their prime at 29. Not 33. Luongo is close to leaving his prime years but his play and numbers will dictate when he's actually on the decline. Considering last year looked like the dead puck era, Luongo's numbers weren't as impressive as they would have been in other years which will leave people skeptical on if he has already started declining.
I must admit my information on this goes back a few years and of course such a study is subjective and statistical rather than individual specific. The information I saw at the time was

NHL forwards began enter into their prime years around age 26
NHL defensemen began to enter into their prime years around age 29
NHL goalies began to enter into their prime years around age 32

For the most part forwards averaged 3 years before they started to decline. Offensive defensemen and goalies stayed at their peak for an average of 5 years.
Defensive defensemen, goons and any player that fought alot or whose role included a lot of body checking only generally lasted 2 years after entering prime and they also declined much more rapidly than the others.

Since I first saw that information, the physical fitness of players has dratically improved so it is likely all players could reach their prime sooner, but the same physical fitness would likely extend the players prime years

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