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09-23-2012, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
I guess you aren't a basketball fan or there's a something else why you can't see things straight, but one can easily say that basketball is not even 1b sports game, but actually the number one (and then some orientation sports fan would have some arguments ). Just look how many kids teams there are in LJBL and remember ASK Riga from few years back, or the times when our NT wasn't known for it's parties?

I understand, hockey is sacred to every Latvian as a fan because we can see how empty the streets gets during every spring WC, but when it comes down to actual numbers playing the sports, basketball crushes hockey on a level it's not even funny. It is what it is.
Its NOT what we are discussing we ARE discussing POPULARITY! what gets more media attention,hype and all that, Latvian basketball league or NBA or Dinamo Rīga making play-offs,latvian national team getting in 1/4 wc?hell latvian national team just making Olympics gets millions of times more hype and attention than any basketball event in Latvia and thats a FACT.

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