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Originally Posted by Cloned View Post
SSP is crazy expensive for an OFD this year. I think I have it up to 78 with a +5 boost, and the XP cost is like 70 already.

I've tested it out on the NHL 13 Player Creator. You can't max SSP as an OFD if you max the other important offensive attributes.
Not max, just significantly higher. You can get 80+ in hand-eye, puck control, and offensive awareness with OFD at Legend 1 (and more slap-shot accuracy). You can't with TWD or DFD. Not to mention your athletics are a lot better as well. Seems plenty worth it to me for the very small sacrifice in the defensive stats.

Originally Posted by Chubbs View Post
OFD is pretty awesome at Legend 1.

-87 in slapshots
-86 passing (91 with a +5)
-all offensive stats that matter are 80 or above
-85 in defensive awareness and stick check
-90 agility, 90 accel, 85 speed (90 with a +5), 80 endurance
Yeah, I'm only at Vet 3 and I already prefer OFD over TWD and DFD.
And that's with +1s. ...

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